Olim holding a valid oleh certificate, defined as being without an apartment and who are during the period of eligibility of housing as an Oleh - may be eligible for public housing from the Ministry of the Absorption
If you are eligible for public housing, you can be updated about your place in the line for receiving an apartment on the Waiting list published by the Ministry of Absorption

Who is Eligible?

Period of Eligibility for Assistance with Public Housing as Olim

  • The period of eligibility for all Olim is 15 years from the date of receiving oleh status, or eligibility as an oleh.
  • After the end of this period, those olim who meet the criteria of the eligibility definitions of the Ministry of Absorption will be transferred to the care of the Ministry of Construction and Housing who will examine the eligibility for housing in accordance with its procedures.

Unlimited Period of Eligibility for Assistance with Public Housing

  • The following oleh communities enjoy an unlimited period of eligibility for assistance with public housing and the handling of their affairs continues to be under the responsibility of the Ministry of Absorption:
    • Olim senior citizens who made aliyah to Israel from 01.09.1989 onwards - provided that on the application date they fell within definition of a senior citizen (men above the age of 67 and women above the age of 64 surviving on an Old Age Pension plus Income Support or from a Disability Pension).
    • The spouse of an individual senior citizen oleh in Israel for more than 10 years and joined to the eligibility of their parents up to 30.04.2008.
    • Disabled Olim who have been in Israel for more than 10 years and whose eligibility has been approved by the exceptions committee for residence prior to 30.04.2008.
    • Olim who have been in Israel for more than 10 years, living in public housing and the exceptions committee has approved their change of residence prior to 30.04.2008.

How to Claim It?

  • To receive an apartment from public housing you must pass three stages:
    1. Obtain a certificate of eligibility.
    2. File an application for public housing.
    3. Actual receipt of the apartment.

The Obtaining of a Certificate of Eligibility

Filing an application for public housing

Actual receipt of the apartment

  • After filing the application to receive an apartment and should the application be approved, the applicant joins the waiting line for the apartment.
  • There are a number of types of waiting lines (in accordance with the type of public housing): ordinary, old aged, Property Procurement Apartments for the Disabled and apartments on lower floors.
  • The waiting line is calculated automatically, inter alia in accordance with the following: Date of aliyah, the settlement town, the size of the apartment and the number of family members.
  • The following segments of the population are entitled to have their waiting line for an apartment shortened by one year: Camps and Ghettos Survivors,World War 2 Veterans and war invalids.

Aid Organizations

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Laws and Regulations