Children and adults on the autistic spectrum must be recognized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in order to access many of their rights
As of 01.02.2019, recognition of children is granted until age 18, after which updated reports must be submitted for renewed recognition as an adult
For more information, see Section 6 of Regulation 10.1 Policies and Care for People with Autism/PDD

The Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services is responsible for community treatment and treatment services outside the home for those on the autism spectrum. Recognition by the ministry is necessary in order to access rights in this area.

Target audience and prerequisites

Stages of the process

  • Contact the social worker in the social services office located in the area in which you live. The social worker will pass on the request.
  • The following documentation must be attached to the request:
    • Official Autism Diagnosis
    • A social worker's report prepared by the treating social worker
    • Up to date educational report and/or functioning report
    • Up to date medical report
    • Photocopy of ID (teudat zehut)
    • Guardianship appointment order for those 18 years old and above
  • If there are a number of diagnoses (for example, autism and Intellectual Developmental Disabilities), attach explanations for each diagnosis and a summarizing and integrative discussion about the state of the diagnosed person.
  • If the diagnosis is inconclusive, the ministry may order its own diagnosis to be performed, a process which could take a number of months.
  • The supervisor of the unit for care of persons with autism will pass the documents received from the social worker to the "Credited Psychologist" (פסיגולוג אמון), a clinical psychologist with experience in autism authorized to determine eligibility for services for the Ministry of Social Affairs.
  • The social worker in the social services office will be notified of the final decision and will inform the parents accordingly.

Renewing Recognition for Adults

  • In the past, recognition of toddlers and children was given temporarily until age 6 at which point updated reports were necessary to receive permanent recognition.
  • As of 01.02.2019, all "recognition of a child with autism" is valid until age 18. At age 18 the person requires "recognition as an adult with autism" in order to continue to receive the various services.
  • Children who received permanent recognition according to the old guidelines (before February 2019) will not have their eligibility changed and will not be required to renew their recognition when they turn 18.
  • For additional information see the Disability Administration announcement on the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services website.


  • It is possible to submit an appeal to the decision regarding recognition and for eligibility for receiving services.
  • Submit the appeal to the local department for social services where the first request was submitted.
  • The department for social services will refer the appeal to the regional supervisor of the Unit of Treatment of People with Autism.

Services Provided to Recognized Children and Adults

Please note

  • Only someone recognized by the welfare office is eligible to receive the various available services, even if these services are provided by another organization, such as ALUT.

Aid Organizations

Legislation and Regulations