Recruitment of foreign nursing care workers is only done through agencies authorized to bring in, broker, and deal with foreign workers
Foreign workers and their employers are required to register with one of the authorized agencies
The agencies are permitted to charge certain fees from the workers and employers - see more details below

Recruit of foreign nursing care workers can be done only by agencies authorized to bring in, broker and deal with foreign workers.

  • Someone who already employs a foreign worker must register with one of the agencies authorized to bring in, broker and deal with foreign workers.
  • The placement letter should be kept and is used as proof that the worker and employer registered with an authorized agency.

Services provided by the Agency

  • The agencies are obligated to provided foreign workers and their employers with the following services:
    • Assistance in obtaining permits - The agencies assist employers in submitting requests for permits to employ foreign workers and in submitting requests to extend the period of existing permits.
    • Social worker visits prior to placement - the agency will send a social worker on its behalf to the patient's home, in order to assess the type of service required and the conditions offered to the foreign nursing care worker.
    • Assistance in arranging visas - the private agencies assist in arranging and extending work visas and passports of foreign workers.
    • Registration of workers and employers and of employment changes - The agencies will register workers and employers in the nursing sector and report to the authority on the registration and any employment changes. The agency will also issue a letter of placement to the workers and employers which serves as proof of the registration of the worker and employer.
    • Assistance in cases of illness or death of the worker - In cases where a foreign worker requires medical treatment, the private agencies are obligated to assist the worker and his employer in dealing with medical service providers and insurance companies. In cases of the worker's death, the agency shall report to the ombudsman and to the embassy of the country the worker came from, as soon as possible and will assist with post-mortem arrangements.
    • Supervision and reporting of payments- The agencies will supervise the transfer of employer's payments for medical insurance, and will report to the ombudsman any case of deviation from the payments (including wages) that are obligated as well as deviation from the conditions of employment.
    • Social worker visits during the first month of employment - A social worker on behalf of the agency will monitor the work of the foreign worker with the patient and will verify the suitability of the worker to the patient.
    • Social worker visits during the employment period - A social worker from the agency will visit the patient's home at least once every three months throughout the period of employment, in order to guide the worker with the treatment, guide the employer regarding the worker's rights, will help solve specific problems that arise and will inform the worker of how he can contact the Ombudsman for Foreign Workers' Rights. The social worker will visit the patient's home more frequently if necessary.
    • Social work reports - After each visit to the patient's home, the social worker will fill out a report summarizing the visit in writing, and sign in. The report will also be signed by the supervising social worker, will be filed in the patient's case in the office and will be submitted for inspection on request.
    • Quarterly reports to the ombudsman - the agencies are required to submit to the ombudsman a quarterly report, signed by the supervising social worker responsible for each employer, on 1.1, 1.4, 1.7 and 1.10 of each year.
    • Reporting irregular findings - In cases where there is concern about violence, sexual harassment, employment of a foreign worker who is not providing long-term care to the patient or an irregular event or other serious breach by the worker or employer, the supervising social worker and the Director General are obliged to immediately report it in writing to the ombudsman.
    • Finding workers - in cases where the foreign worker's employment is terminated or in the event that the employer and / or the foreign worker are interested in transferring the worker to work with another employer registered in that office, the agency is obliged to locate an alternative job for the foreign worker.

Payment Collection

Payment collection from the employer

  • Agencies are permitted to collect the following amounts from the employers (as of January 2019):
    • Up to 2000 NIS for the placement of a foreign worker.
    • Up to 70 NIS per month for the the services the agency is obligated to provide.

Payment collection from the worker

  • An agency licensed to bring foreign workers to Israel is entitled to collect payment on condition that it signed a written brokerage agreement with the worker detailing the terms of the brokerage agreed upon by the parties, and gave the foreign worker a copy of the contract.
  • If the employee has previously paid an overseas agency that represented him to the Israeli agency or to another office in Israel, the amount that he has already paid will be deducted from the maximum amount that can be collected from him.
  • The agency may not collect brokerage fees from a foreign worker who is already in Israel.
  • In addition, the agency may charge the foreign worker for the expenses of the flight to Israel, provided that he has receipts or documents that verify these expenses.
  • A private agency that collected or received payments from a foreign worker shall refund the foreign worker all the money that it received or collected from him in any of the following cases:
    • The foreign worker did not arrive in Israel within a reasonable time from the date of payment.
    • The foreign worker arrived in Israel, but within a year of his arrival he was not paid or the salary he received was less than 12 times the monthly minimum wage.

Who is Eligible

How to Claim It?

  • Foreign workers who want to work in Israel, or patients that are interested in employing a foreign nursing care worker should contact one of the authorized private agencies to match between the worker and employer.
  • In cases that foreign workers are already employed as nursing care workers, they should request from their employers to register them in one of the authorized private agencies.
  • The placement letter should be saved and serves as proof that the worker and his employer registered with the agency.
  • Special Services Benefit (Attendance Allowance) recipients are permitted to employ a foreign worker that is living and has a permit to work in Israel without brokerage from a private agency.
    • If the recipient wants to being a worker from abroad he must use the services of a private agency.
    • In every case, he is required to register with the worker at one of the private agencies and receive the services offered through the agency.

Please Note

  • You can change from one agency to another at any time.

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