Toddlers up to age 3 with hearing impairment in both ears are entitled to special daycare suited to their needs
Toddlers attending rehabilitative daycare are entitled to escorted transportation from home to daycare and back

  • According to the Rehabilitative Daycare Center Law, toddlers with hearing impairment are eligible to receive treatment and education in the framework of designated daycare facilities operated by various organizations under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services.
  • The toddlers are cared for by a professional staff and a personal educational plan is customized for each child according to his/her needs and abilities.
  • As part of the daycare, the toddlers receive healthcare services funded by the Ministry of Health including 3 weekly paramedical sessions such as speech therapy or occupational therapy.
  • Children attending a rehabilitative daycare center are entitled to escorted transportation from home to the center and back (the local authority is responsible for the escort and the transportation).

Who is Eligible?

  • Toddlers between six months and three years old who receive a Disabled Child Benefit.
  • Toddlers between one year and three years old who have hearing impairment in both ears and have been examined by an evaluation committee.

How to Claim It?

  • Eligibility for the special daycare is established by an evaluation committee that has representatives from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services and the Ministry of Health.
  • Parents with hearing impairment are entitled to have the committee meeting be made accessible for them by means of a sign language interpreter or transcription services.
  • A file must be opened at the social services office where the child lives, where registration and payment are also carried out. Click here to locate the closest office.

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