Children and adults with interpersonal communication difficulties benefit from group activities as part of the Reim Program, where they also acquire social skills
See details of the program booklet "Megalim Negishot" by the Matnasim organisation.


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The Reim Program is run in community centers and is designed for people dealing with communication, learning, and social adjustment difficulties.

  • In the framework of the program, weekly meetings of social groups are held in the evening hours.
  • The meetings are led by a counselor and include discussions, enrichment workshops and recreational group activities.
  • There are also national events where groups from all over the country can meet, with the goal of participants expanding their social circles.
  • The program operates in the following locations: Kiryat Ono, Haifa, Rishon Lezion, Jerusalem, Tzur Hadassah, Netanya, Modiin, Daburiyya, Rechovot, Herzliya, Petach Tikva, Holon, Tivon, Hadera, Binyamina, Rosh Haayin and Givat Olga.

Program objectives

  • Developing social and communication skills
  • Helping to create social connections
  • Creating a corrective social experience for members which is characterized by a supportive and accepting group
  • Improving self-confidence and self-image for people who have suffered social isolation

Service Providers

Target audience and Prerequisites

  • Youth and adults confronting interpersonal communication difficulties, , including those with physical disabilities or complex learning disabilities and cognitive decline (borderline).
  • Groups are divided according to age:
    • Children (ages 9-13)
    • Adolescents (ages 14-18)
    • Young Adults (ages 19-29)
    • Adults (ages 30-50)

How to Receive This Service

  • For information on joining this program contact The Association of Community Centers' office at ‎073-287-0187 .

Service Cost

  • Group membership requires a monthly fee.