General Disability Pension recipients may be eligible to receive rental assistance
For more information, see the Ministry of Construction and Housing website

General Disability Pension recipients may be eligible to receive rental assistance for a home they are renting in the private market.

Assistance Amounts

Who is Eligible?

How to Claim It?

  • A Certificate of Eligibility must be obtained in order to receive the assistance. For details of this process see Obtaining a Certificate of Eligibility for Rental Assistance.
  • Applicants must also have the relevant documentation which verifies their eligibility to receive the assistance from the National Insurance.
    • Type of Benefit
    • Type of Benefit (temporary/ stable/ permanent) and percentage of disability.
    • Level of incapacity
    • Monthly disability allowance
  • After the required checks are completed, the Ministry of Housing and Construction will issue a certificate of eligibility which will be given to the applicant though the agency which they applied.
  • To get initial assistance, one must sign an undertaking with a servicing company and present a lease for the Apartment for which one can receive rental assistance for. For more information see Receiving Rental Assistance.
  • The certificate of eligibility is valid for one year from the day rental assistance was requested.
  • To continue receiving rental assistance beyond the initial eligibility period, the registration must be renewed. Towards the end of the period while the certificate of eligibility is still valid, the certificates and up to date documents should be presented to the servicing company.
  • Also, during the period of eligibility it is necessary to renew certificates of eligibility, according to each case:
    • Disabled individuals who's degree of incapacity has been determined, must present a current certificate of receipt of disability allowance only when registering for housing assistance or when updating an application for housing assistance (once a year).
    • Disabled individuals who have a temporary degree of incapacity must present a current a certificate of receipt of disability allowance every 6 months.
    • Families of the disabled that have established temporary or permanent incapacity, should obtain receipt of disability allowance every 6 months.

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