Upon presenting an inheritance order or probate, the heirs of a patient who has passed away are entitled to receive information from the medical records of the deceased
For more information, see medical administration circular number 15/2003 from 09.03.2003 regarding waiving confidentiality - providing medical information about a patient

All patients are entitled to review their medical records.

  • If a patient has passed away, the patient's heirs are entitled to review his/her medical records.

Who is Eligible?

  • The heirs of a patient who has passed away.

How to Claim It?

  • In order to receive medical records for someone who has passed away, the person applying for access to such information must present one of the following documents (original or certified copy):
    • An inheritance order in which he/she is indicated to be an heir.
    • A probate order in which he/she is indicated to be an heir.
    • A court order approving the provision of the information to the person requesting it.
    • An affidavit by the applicant, verified by a lawyer or court registrar in which he/she declares to be the sole heir of the deceased or all heirs agree to disclosure of the information, and that the applicant does not oppose disclosure of the information to the other heirs.
  • The cost of a copy of medical records is according to the medical services price listing posted on the Ministry of Health website (the price listing is available in an English Excel file).

Please Note

  • If the applicant submits an affidavit to receive the medical information, but the affidavit contradicts information detailed in the medical record, the affidavit will not suffice, and a court order will be necessary.

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