Various services that assist recipients perform daily activities are provided as part of the Long-Term Care Benefit
Under certain conditions the recipient may decide to receive a Monetary Long-Term Care Benefit in place of services, or a combination of both (monetary benefit and assistive services).
To locate service providers close to one's residence, see the National Insurance Institute Website.
For more information, see the National Insurance Institute English website

Within the Long-Term Care Benefits framework, seniors found to be eligible for a Long-Term Care Benefit are entitled to receive services to assist them perform daily activities related to managing the household, personal care, and supervision.

  • The scope of the assistance services provided depend upon the level of entitlement established for the recipient (Level A, Level B, or Level C).
  • The full process for receiving the benefit is described in the following chart:
Determining Dependence Level
by the claim clerk
Approval of a Temporary Benefit
or a permanent benefit at one of the Long-Term Care Benefit levels
Rejection of the claim
If the condition of someone who is receives a level 1-5 (or level A or B according to the old law) benefit worsens, it is possible to request reassessment

Services Provided

  • The services included as part of the benefit are:
    • Assistance from a personal care provider (Israeli or Foreign worker for dressing, eating, washing, changing of absorbent products and bedding, mobility within and outside the home, as well as supervision to prevent danger to the elderly person and their surroundings, and assistance in managing the household of the elderly person.
    • Visiting an Elderly day care center (for 15 NIS per day). Daily visits substitute hours of personal care in the home, corresponding to the entitlement level. For more details, see: Level A Long-Term Care Benefit, Level A Long-Term Care Benefit, or Level C Long-Term Care Benefit.
    • Supplying disposable absorbent products (the option to acquire these products independently now exists. See the National Insurance Institute's site for details).
    • Panic Alert - a device installed in the home that transfers directly to a call center for distress calls of the elderly in crisis.
    • Laundry services
  • The basket of services provided is personalized for each recipient according to their needs, and is established by a local professional committee.
  • You can locate service providers close to your residence, on the National Insurance Institute online system.

Please Note

  • Those who employ a personal carer 12 hours a day for at least 6 days a week, are able to choose to receive the long term care benefit as a monetary payment, instead of receiving the services. They may also combine both (monetary benefit and services basket).
  • The Long-Term Care Benefit does not include medical services (except for help getting to doctors appointments if they are during the care provider's working hours), services intended to modify the recipient's living accommodations (i.e. renovations, etc.), or assistance purchasing household supplies or personal assistive devices.

Court Rulings

Aid Organizations

Government Agencies

Government Agency Website Rights and Areas of Responsibility
*6050 hotlines - The National Insurance Institute Senior Citizens' Rights on the National Insurance Institute's website. Rights to various allowances given based on age and economic situation.
*9696 hotline - The National Insurance Institute's Call Center for Senior Citizen Counseling Services Senior Citizens' Rights on the National Insurance Institute's website. Free aid provided through counseling services for senior citizens and the call center for senior citizens and their families.
*8840 Ministry for Social Equality - Hotline for Public Inquiries Ministry for Social Equality website The ‎*8840 hotline run by the Ministry for Social Equality gives the elderly a central address to direct all of their questions, provide information regarding rights, services and benefits entitled to the elderly. It also helps them actualize these rights.
Segula Unit - Hotline to help senior citizens in the hospital The Ministry for Social Equality A health hotline for senior citizens, to assist them and their families know their rights during the period of hospitalization.
The Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services

Shil - Citizens Advice Service hotline - 118

Senior Citizens on the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services website Funding of Nursing Homes for independent and frail seniors. Various services are also provided within the community.
The Ministry of Health

*5400 "Kol HaBriut" Ministry of Health Hotline

Senior Health on the Ministry of Health website. Health Insurance and assistance for those suffering from age related health problems.
*5442 The Ministry of Housing and Construction Call Center The Ministry of Construction and Housing website Housing Assistance and Problem Solving for Senior Citizens

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