In the various healthcare institutions, both in the community and in the hospitals, social workers provide welfare services, guidance and support to patients and their families
For more information see Medical Social Work on the Ministry of Health website

Public and private medical institutions (hospitals, clinics, institutes and medical centers) offer patients and their family welfare services, guidance and support.

  • The aid is provided by medical social workers, including:
  • Assistance with coping emotionally, functionally and with family in conditions of illness, disability or trauma.
  • Assistance in dealing with a sudden loss.
  • Assistance in helping organize a patient and his family prior to the patient being discharged from the hospital.
  • Mobilization of resources and support systems provided by the health and welfare services.
  • Assistance in the realization of economic and social rights.
  • Manage the treatment domestic violence victims.
  • Interventions in situations required by law (such as Termination of Pregnancy, Appointment of a Guardian, an injury to helpless person).
  • Treatment of Supportive Home Care (Palliative Care) patients who are confined to their homes, including terminally ill patients.
  • Involvement to promote health.

Who is Eligible?

Social Services in the Community Health Care Clinics (Kupor Cholim)

  • The social services provided in the health care clinics include: provision of information, help with actualization of rights, running of support groups and assistance in cases of domestic abuse.
  • In certain cases financial assistance may also be given to families in difficult situations (see details on the Maccabi website).
  • Kupat cholim members and their families who would like to receive assistance from a social worker should refer to their clinic's office.
  • For more information see the Kupot Cholim websites:

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