This portal includes information regarding the Special Services Benefit (Attendance Allowance), submitting a benefit claim and other related rights and information.

A Special Services Benefit (Attendance Allowance) is paid to adults for whom medical disability of at least 75% has been established (with regard to special services), or to General Disability Pension recipients for whom medical disability of at least 60% has been established, and who require significant assistance from another person in performing daily activities, or who need constant supervision to prevent them from posing a risk to their own lives or the lives of others.

Please note: The National Insurance Institute refers to the Special Services Benefit as an "Attendance Allowance". The two terms are used here interchangeably and "Special Services Benefit" is generally used here because it is a more direct translation of the Hebrew (קצבת שירותים מיוחדים).

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Obtaining an additional benefit from the National Insurance Institute

A calculator on the National Insurance Institute website will review your eligibility to receive two benefits at the same time.