Sperm enhancement is a laboratory process aimed to select the best sperm cells
The process is included in the The Healthcare Basket and is funded by the HMOs and with a co-payment by the policy holder

Sperm enhancement is a process that isolates the best sperm cells.

  • The improvement process does not improve the sperm cells themselves and their quality remains the same. Improvements are made by removing dead or damaged sperm cells, and choosing the ones with the highest mobility.
  • The process is done in the laboratory and includes sperm washing, separation between sperm cells and seminal fluid, and concentration of the sperm cells with the best movement into a small volume.
  • The process is done in cases when sperm quality has decreased and also as a preparation for artificial insemination.

Who is Eligible?

  • A man who suffers from low sperm quality that prevents him from having children.

How to Claim It?

  • Sperm enhancement is done in the laboratory.
  • Sperm enhancement can be done in laboratories that have an arrangement with your HMO or privately.
  • During the artificial insemination process, the man brings a sperm sample to the lab. The lab performs the sperm enhancement and the enhanced sperm are injected by the doctor directly into the woman's uterus.

Please Note

  • The process of sperm enhancement is included in The Healthcare Basket and is funded by the HMOs.
  • The policy holder also has a co-payment.
  • Maccabi Health Services has a limit of 12 sperm enhancements per pregnancy. For more information see the Maccabi website.

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