The grant is a substitute for absorption basket loan and is aimed at helping olim who are eligible for National Insurance allowances for the payment of their rent up until the end of the first year of absorption
The grant is given as the eighth payment within the framework of the Absorption Basket payments
For further information see the website of the Ministry of Absorption

Staring from 2002, a supplementary grant has been added to the Absorption Basket which is a substitute for the absorption basket loan which was valid up until 31.12.2001.

Who is Eligible?

Olim who emigrated to Israel from 01.01.1996 and received an absorption basket loan from the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption are entitled to convert the loan into a grant if one of the following changes has occurred to their situation:

How to Claim It?

  • An oleh who meets the eligibility criteria will turn to the Absorption Ministry Offices together with updated documents on the allowance received by the oleh from the National Insurance Institute.

Please Note

  • The supplementary grant is intended as assistance in the payment of rent up until the end of the first absorption year and is added as an eighth payment of the absorption basket.
  • Elderly olim who are eligible for an old age pension and supplementary income and anyone who is eligible for old age pension within 44 months from the date on which they immigrate into Israel - will continue to receive the supplementary grant in the amounts which were valid up until now.


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