Assistance and therapy services are provided at special Ministry of Education centers for children with hearing impairment

Communications clinicians provide various therapy services at special Ministry of Education centers for children with hearing impairment.

Who is Eligible?

  • Children with hearing impairment.

Assistance and Therapy Services Provided

Speech-Language Diagnosis

  • A speech-language diagnosis is conducted in order to obtain as precise an assessment as possible of the child with regard to hearing, communication, language and speech, and to build a therapy plan.

Communication Therapy Services

  • Communication therapy services are provided according to the personal needs of each child with hearing impairment.
  • The therapy is based on an overall assessment of the child's speech-language abilities, including:
    • Auditory capacity and functioning
    • Assessment of the hearing devices being used and their suitability
    • Comprehensive assessment of linguistic functioning
    • Clarity of speech and a comprehensive examination of speech production
  • Communication therapy services are provided individually and/or in groups according to the relevant needs.

Audiologic Training

  • Audiologic training given to the child and parents includes a detailed explanation of hearing test results, the ramifications of hearing loss on daily functioning, as well as a proposed rehabilitation plan for the child.

Individual Advising on the Use of a Personal Amplification System

Borrowing Hearing Devices and F.M. Systems

  • Hearing devices may be borrowed by children requiring them for various reasons such as: the loss of a personal hearing device; needing a temporary device while the child's normal device is being repaired; etc.

Aid Organizations

  • For a list of organizations that offer assistance to the deaf and hearing impaired click here.

Government Agencies