Those with hearing loss of at least 70 dB are entitled to an exemption from the television fee payment
As of 2015, the Israel Broadcasting Authority is no longer charging fees, however debt collection for amounts owed from before 2015 are ongoing.

People with hearing impairment who have a television receiver and meet the conditions of eligibility receive a television fee payment exemption.

As of 2015, the IBA will not continue to charge fees, however, debt collection procedures before 2015 are still ongoing, bills can be paid via .
the Government Payment Service.

Who is Eligible?

Those age 18 and over who have hearing loss of at least 70 dB in the better ear.

How to Claim It?

  • A medical form regarding the impairment is required in order for the payment exemption to be granted.
  • An ENT doctor must be contacted to fill out the form.
  • The signed form must be sent to:
Israel Broadcasting Authority - Fee Department
PO Box 16333
Jerusalem, 91162

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