The Shira Pransky Project was formed for the purpose of relieving English speaking immigrants of the hardships associated with navigating the healthcare system in Israel. We promote accessible rights, benefits and support for English speaking medical patients in Israel through education and advocacy. The Shira Pransky Project provides translation services to Kol-Zchut for healthcare-related content, in addition to other resources aimed at helping English-speakers navigate the Israeli healthcare system.

Healthcare can be intimidating and confusing, especially in times of personal health crisis. This is particularly true for immigrants, who struggle more in navigating unfamiliar bureaucracy and language barriers. English speakers in Israel face even further challenges unique to their community.

The Shira Pransky Project strives to assist health and social service organizations reach English-speakers with their support. By simplifying, translating and publicizing practical information, we increase awareness of the relief that is available and help make it accessible.

Organization details

Fields of activity:English language accessibility in the Israeli healthcare system
Website:Organization's website
Facebook:Organization's Page
Address:Talpiot, Jerusalem
Establishment date:2011

Topics and rights dealt with by the organization

  • Assistance navigating the Israeli healthcare system for English speakers, including:
    • Claiming healthcare rights
    • Information on the healthcare system in Israel
    • Support for patients and their families

Government authorities with whom the organization works