Those who have received an exemption from military service may volunteer for national civil service
Those who complete national civil service are entitled to similar benefits as those who complete military service

Youth who are exempt from military service may volunteer for national civil service.

  • One must begin the national civil service by age 21.
  • National civil service includes a number of different jobs and lasts for one year, with the option to extend for one additional year.
  • There are two national civil service programs that specifically integrate youth defined as being on the autism spectrum, in addition to non-profit organizations for national civil service which are not programs designated specifically for volunteers on the autism spectrum.

"The Meshalvim Program"

To Whom and How to Apply

  • Recognition by the Office for the Care of the Autistic and P.D.D. Population is required, if the applicant has not been previously recognized.
  • Following successful recognition, a request for national service placement (“Teken Sherut Leumi”) in the Meshalvim Program for the coming year must be submitted to the office’s supervisor by the family social worker.
  • After receiving approval, make sure to verify with the local social services office that the approval was sent to the Meshalvim Program director in continuation of the process. If the approval was sent, you may contact the program director according to the contact details found at this link.

Acceptance Interview

  • The applicant and his/her family must fill out a personal information form, as well as a personal preference form. The forms must then be sent to the Meshalvim Program before the interview.
  • The applicant will undergo an interview with the national service coordinator, part of which will be performed in the absence of parents/guardians.
  • If the applicant is found to be suitable, the national service coordinator will search for a placement in accordance with the applicant’s preferences and personal abilities and the needs of the different places of service.

Please note

  • The number of Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services national service placements designated for those on the autism spectrum is limited. If there are no longer positions available, please contact the program director for additional options for joining.

The Society for Volunteering – National Service

To Whom and How to Apply

  • Applicants must register for an orientation day and an interview. Registration may be performed in one of the following ways:
  1. Contact via the website, by following this link.
  2. Contact via the call center: ‎1-800-233-133 (Sunday-Thursday 16:00-21:00)

Orientation Day

  • As part of the orientation day, the applicant will attend a workshop, meet the national service coordinator for his/her area, and receive information regarding serving in this framework.
  • After the workshop, each candidate will have a personal conversation with the coordinator.
  • After the orientation day, the area coordinator will contact all of the volunteers in order to notify them of the placement which has been determined for them. They will each then be given the opportunity to visit the placement site and have a personal admissions interview.
  • Click here for more information on the organization's website.