Volunteering for the IDF is only possible after receiving an exemption from military service.
This process takes a long time and it is therefore recommended to submit a request to volunteer immediately upon receiving an exemption from military service.
For more information, see Volunteering for the IDF on the official IDF website.

Those who receive an exemption from military service can request to volunteer in the IDF.

Populations and Conditions of Eligibility

  • Young women up to age 22 and young men up to age 28 that received exemptions from military service.

The Volunteering Process

  • Opening a volunteer file:
    • After receiving an exemption from military service from the recruitment office, one can open a volunteering file on the spot.
    • Applicants will be given documents that need to be filled out by medical authorities. After the forms are filled out they should be emailed to: .
    • The documents are passed to the professional medical authorities in the IDF that will determine if the applicant can be given profile 25 (the profile number that allows volunteering).
    • In certain cases profile 25 can be approved already at the recruitment office.
    • In other cases there is a need for a special assessment by a medical committee of vocational medicine and medical assessment of the chief medical officer.
    • If profile 25 is approved for a file then the file is passed to the special services unit in the recruitment office to begin.
  • Placement:
    • The volunteered will be called for a personal interview to clarify his/her personal and medical needs and also to see what the volunteers personal preferences are.
    • Placement will be made with consideration given to the applicant’s personal situation and the needs of the army.
  • Receiving the Draft Order:
    • The draft order will be send according to the draft year of the volunteer.
    • The draft year can be pushed off for a full year if the volunteer is spending a year in national service, mechina or yeshiva only.
  • Approaching the Draft Date:
    • Approximately 2 months before drafting some volunteers may be required to send updated medical documentations showing that their medical situation is stable.
    • If someone experiences worsening of his/her condition and his/her medical documentations are not approved, his/her draft will be postponed to the next draft date.
  • Receiving Volunteer Cards:
    • Personal volunteer cards are distributed to the volunteers on their draft dates.
    • The cards detail the medical limitations of the volunteers, established by the chief medical officer. The officers of the volunteers are required to maintain these limits.
    • For clarifications on the medical limitations and for updates (adding or removing a limitation), contact the volunteer department with medical documentation and they will check the issue with the chief medical officer.

Military Service

  • Length of Service:
    • Volunteers due to a medical condition (men and women) are obligated to serve for 24 months.
    • Volunteers due to mental health conditions (men and women) are obligated to serve for 12 months.
    • Certain jobs require service of 32 months.
    • Volunteers who have been given a temporary profile 25:
      • The length of service is determined by the period of the temporary profile, on the condition of the approval of the chief medical officer.
      • At the end of the temporary profile period, the profile should be updated and the person should return to complete his/her regular obligatory military service (in a case where the person's individual fitness level went up).
  • Initial Training:
    • Anyone who doesn't have an exemption ahead of time must participate in volunteer training.
    • These are theoretical trainings only that last 5 days and are held on various bases around the country.
    • Someone who has been approved to sleep at home, will leave at the end of each day.
  • Courses:
    • Volunteers are permitted to go to courses, like the rest of the soldiers, as part of their recruitment or during the course of their military service.
    • Going to a course is contingent on the following conditions:
      • The volunteer can meet the course requirements
      • Approval from the office of the chief medical officer that the person has the ability to go to the course.
      • Coordination and recommendation by the soldier's unit for him/her to go to the course
  • Officer Track:
    • Volunteers can go to the officer track during their time of service.
    • Joining the officer track will be allowed if all of the following conditions are met:
    • Medical approval from the chief medical officer
    • recommendations from commanders
    • unit allowances
    • passing the officer exams
  • Volunteers may cancel their request up to a week before induction.
  • According to new IDF regulations, volunteers who were found to be unfit for mandatory service due to physical/mental reasons serve 24 months. This is the minimum length of service and does not include special placements or long courses for which the length of service is determined separately. These new regulations are valid for anyone born in or after 1991.-->

Questions and Clarifications

  • Applicants for IDF service as volunteers can contact ‎03-738-8888 (ext 3) with questions and clarifications.
  • Volunteers serving in the IDF can contact ‎03-738-7157 (ext 2) with questions and clarifications.

Additional publications

  • IDF Volunteers on the The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in Israel website.