Magen David Adom runs a "Wish Ambulance" that fulfills requests from seriously and terminally ill patients
The service is provided free of charge


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Magen David Adom (MDA)'s Wish Ambulance is a project that is designed to fulfill the wishes of seriously ill and terminally ill patients who have lost mobility.

  • The wishes usually have sentimental or personal value, such as attending an event or performance or visiting a special site.
  • Each Wish Ambulance trip is coordinated in advance with the management of the site the patient wishes to visit.
  • Every trip is carefully planned, including coordination with the patient's attending physician, and the patient is accompanied by a medical staff that has undergone special training.
  • The special ambulance is equipped with advanced medical systems and includes a wheelchair with high maneuverability, a camera installed on the roof of the ambulance that allows passengers to watch the journey on a screen as they go, a refrigerator for medications, CPR equipment, and a special bed.

Service Providers

Target audience and Prerequisites

  • First priority: Patients who are terminally ill (a patient for whom a doctor has established that his/her life expectancy will not be more than 6 months, even if medical treatment is given), and are fully conscious, have normal cognitive function, bedridden, in need of oxygen.
  • Second priority: People who are regularly bedridden because of a disease of injury, fully conscious, have normal cognitive function and need regular help breathing.

How to Receive This Service

  • Interested applicants may apply online via the MDA website.
  • Interested applicants can also call: ‎1-800-600-101
  • A Wish Ambulance activities coordinator will examine the details of the request and respond as soon as possible, with a basic approval or reasoned rejection.
  • If the application is approved, it will be necessary to send medical records from the attending physician, which must include the following:
  1. Description of the patient and illness
  2. Overview of the medical care the patient receives and the patient's current medical condition
  3. Special limitations and relevant solutions
  4. Up-to-date nursing summary (in case such a summary cannot be provided, the patient's nursing situation should be detailed on the medical statement)
  5. If necessary: Recommendations for treatment during the trip
  6. Guidelines regarding the patient's status (patient is dying, terminally ill, has an incurable disease, etc.) and an agreement with the family regarding the desire to resuscitate or not resuscitate the patient in case the patient's condition deteriorates during the trip

Service Cost

  • The service is provided free of charge.

Please Note

  • The Wish Ambulance Project is designed for patients who are in serious condition. Consequently, there is the possibility, even if it is remote, that the patient's medical condition will deteriorate during the trip.
  • For this reason, going on a trip through the project is conditional on the patient or a legal representative signing the following statement:
I know that my Wish Ambulance request, as described above, may involve medical risk due to my health situation. Accordingly, I hereby waive any claim or demand against the Wish Ambulance Project or anyone who works for it or is involved in connection with fulfilling my wish, and I relinquish any and all claims to hold any of them responsible for any liability for any damage, injury or deterioration of my medical condition, which may be caused to me during or as a result of the fulfillment of my wish.