Yad L'Tomech serves as a support center for those who care for an elderly or ill family member
The center, established by Yad Sarah, Eshel and Reut, acts with full collaboration with various authorities in the community
The service is provided free of charge by professional volunteers


Service providers:
Various population centers around the country
Request Yad L'Tomech at *6444
Secondary area:

Yad L'Tomech was established to serve as a support center for those who serve as primary caregivers for elderly or ill family members.

  • These family members are the primary caregivers and manage a variety of issues for their loved one (including medications and rehabilitation equipment; emotional difficulties; employment and income; leisure time; claiming relevant rights and entitlements from government agencies and nursing companies; and more).
  • As a result of the difficulties and prolonged hardships, family caregivers may feel physical and emotional overload and burnout, which may lead to illness, depression or even a breakdown.
  • To avoid these types of situations, Yad L'Tomech helps family caregivers, allowing them to better cope with the complexities and difficulties of their roles.
  • The center works in close cooperation with various community organizations including municipal social services, health plans, hospitals and other organizations.

Service Providers

  • The center was established as a joint initiative of Yad Sarah, Reut and Eshel.
  • The service is provided by professional volunteers.

Target audience and Prerequisites

  • Family members who have taken on the role of being the primary caregiver for a sick or elderly loved one.

Services Provided at the Center

  • Offering a sympathetic ear, needs assessment, and building a personalized assistance plan for every caregiver.
  • Support groups for those caring for a spouse, those caring for a spouse with dementia, for parents caring for children and for children caring for their parents.
  • Brief workshops provide information and tools, as well as impart skills to the middle generation (those acting as caregivers for their parents).
  • Seminars, workshops and lectures on a variety of relevant topics.
  • "Personal guidance" - A personal connection with a volunteer focusing on the primary caregiver in order to create a personal, positive and supportive space.
  • "Time Out Club" - A social club for primary caregivers.
  • Referral and guidance for services available in the community, as well as help claiming rights.
  • Hotline - Support for urgent cases during hours when the center is closed.

How to Receive This Service

  • Those interested in receiving the service should call ‎*6444 (ext. 5), or ‎02-6444676 or email
  • The service is provided in the following branches:
    • Jerusalem: Herzl Blvd 124, Sun. - Mon. 09:00-12:00, Tel: ‎02-6444676
    • Rishon Lezion: Givati Street 7, Mondays and Wednesdays 9:00-13:00, Tel: 03-954334
    • Beer Sheva: Shaul Hamelech 2a, Tel: ‎08-9112013
    • Modiin: Mota Gur 23, Sun. 10:00-12:00, Mon. and Wed. 17:30-19:00, Tel: ‎072-2442636
    • Kfar Saba: Nitzanim 12, Tel: ‎09-7796873 /4, Roni ‎052-2563987
    • Ashdod: Kibbutz Galiyot 7, Tel:‎08-9172176 , Miriam ‎050-8426292
    • Kiryat Shmoneh: Hanasi 29, Tel: ‎04-6940480

Service Cost

  • The service is free of charge.

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